Walking through history of Dubrovnik


We'll take a walk through Dubrovnik's history while re-living its most glorious, as well as it's darkest times.

The tour starts at Pile gate where we'll emerge into this millennia-long story, starting with the arrival of the very first inhabitants. From their humble beginnings to the making of the City walls, you'll get a full understanding of the birth of Dubrovnik through chronological stories!

In the Old town itself, we'll get to know the great Republic of Ragusa, medieval Dubrovnik, up-close and personal. We're going to get into the most important aspects of its medieval past - religious, political and public - speaking of subjects such as: social awareness of the Government, natural disasters, progressive decisions, inventions and Ragusa's substantial downfall thanks to Napoleon himself!

Not to dwell too much in medieval ages, we'll also talk about present times - from the Yugoslavian war in 1991, to the local life today in the Old town, in Dubrovnik and in Croatia, too. My stories and your questions will paint a picture of a highly advanced, medieval city-state that can still be found in the modern streets we walk on.

Luckily, we know just where to find it 🙂

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